Riverboat Sky

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Available as a digital download or as a CD.

Kemper Profiler Amp Collection

I’m happy to present my amp profiles for the Kemper Profiler. For many years I bought the amps needed to make a living in the LA studio scene. But as my solo career took off I began to collect amps that sounded like what I wanted to hear, amps that sound like me. These are tones I’ve collected and used both as a studio musician and a recording artist. My vintage and modern amp collection was brought to life at Sunset Sound’s renowned Studio II, where everyone from Van Halen to Toto recorded guitars. We made our 145 “profiles” using five different mics so you can even choose the sound you want to get from the amp. As a home studio tool I’m finding it invaluable…and using it every day!

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The Carl Verheyen Academy is Now Open!

The long-awaited CV Academy is now open and taking students! Over a year in the making, the Academy teaches you my approach to playing blues, rock, country, jazz, fusion and beyond. In my highly anticipated “Lick Book” lessons, I show you dozens of lines to use over major, minor and dominant 7th chords. In the “What I Learned From” series, I share secrets that I learned from my favorite players like Eric Clapton, Lenny Breau, Mike Bloomfield, Joe Walsh, Jimi Hendrix, Chet Atkins, Jeff Beck and many others. In addition, I have created dozens of lessons on essential topics like music theory, technique, scales, modes, tone, and much more.

About Carl Verheyen

Carl has been playing the guitar every day since 1965 and has always made his living with the instrument. A member of the smash hit British rock group Supertramp since 1985, Carl has played to millions of enthusiastic fans in sold out arenas worldwide. As the creative force behind the Carl Verheyen Band, his 14-record discography showcases his endless talents across a wide array of musical genres.

Carl is also a much sought after studio musician playing on many other artists’ records whenever his busy schedule permits. He has recorded and played with a virtual who’s who of the music industry and his vast collection of movie soundtracks and television credits is amazing. At the 2009 Academy Awards, Carl was heard by 67,000,000 people as a featured soloist.

Carl has also been featured in 2 documentary films: Grand Designs: The Music of Carl Verheyen and Turn it Up! a film about the electric guitar.

On the educational front, Carl’s two instructional DVDs called Intervallic Rock Guitar and Forward Motion are legendary. With an intense desire to pass knowledge on to the next generation, he has added to that library with 5 on line master classes for Truefire. He has been featured in many books about the guitar and has also written 3 of his own: Improvising Without Scales, detailing his unique “intervallic” style and Studio City, a compilation of columns written for Guitar Magazine. There is also a Songbook with charts and TAB transcriptions for much of Carl’s music. He contributed a monthly column for Chitarre in Italy, Germany and Guitar Techniques in the UK.

And for almost 4 years Carl wrote a monthly column for Guitar Player Magazine and has contributed to Vintage Guitar, Guitar World and Premier Guitar. In Los Angeles you’ll often hear Carl lecturing or giving a master class at the University of Southern California or Musicians Institute, something he does all over the world.

Working closely with the guitar company LsL, Carl has a pair of signature electric guitars that are hand made in the USA. The CV Special and CV Studio models are patterned off Carl’s vintage Fender Stratocasters. They play and sound every bit as good, but are road worthy and affordable. This is very important as the Carl Verheyen Band toured in 12 countries last year and shows no signs of slowing down.