The wonderful little town of Ullapool on the west coast of Scotland is a truly magical place, and I’m really looking forward to getting back up there to play an acoustic and electric solo concert. Click on the More info button to see the surrounding area!

The Rio in Eschweiler is a fun place to play. We have a lot of fans that remember us from the “old days” when we played at the converted train station. Always good to see everybody again and enjoy the town.

The worlds smallest gig! But we love the town and the people. You won’t catch us playing our “show” here, we tend to play the blues, country music and rock stuff that’s fun because the stage is actually to small for a full size drum set!

This is one of the best sounding theaters in all of Europe. The audio engineers are so caring and thoughtful, I can rest assured we sound great in this big place!

Thursday is one of the best nights of the week to go out and hear music! Hope to see you there…

It’s been a while since we’ve played the Lifehouse in Stemwede. I remember it as being a great sounding concert hall with a warm and friendly audience. Looking forward to this one!

We never seem to have enough shows in The Netherlands, so many of our Dutch fans travel to Germany or Belgium to see the band. This one should be a little closer to home!

The Stadthalle in Bad Neustadt has a “fun sound.” That’s the way I describe a venue that has just enough natural reverb that it makes it easy to play. The sound doesn’t fight you but embraces the notes as they float in the air.

The Bix is a great jazz club with excellent sound and a long tradition of presenting creative music in Germany. It’s truly an honor to play there!

The Rockhouse is appropriately named because the entire venue is carved out of the cliffs just outside the old town area of Salzburg. We love the sound and the city!

The only time I’ve ever played in Passau was many years ago with Supertramp. I’ve heard good things about the Cafe Museum from my fellow travelers, so I’m looking forward to bringing the CVB here for a slightly more intimate concert than the Supertramp show!

The first time I played here I couldn’t believe the venue was UPSTAIRS! I wondered how our crew was going to get all our gear up the stairs and on to the stage. But the folks that run the Kofferfabrik provided us with 2 of the strongest musclemen in Germany, and they humped the gear up 2 flights of stairs as if it were a morning workout. Thank you!

I always enjoy playing in Bavaria and this will be our first time at the Rattlesnake. It sounds like a place where THE BLUES will fit right in!

This great little club has become a regular stop for the CVB in Austria. We enjoy the venue and the people and look forward to a great Friday night audience at the Blue Garage.

It’s been at least 10 years since we played Bluesiana in the beautiful resort town of  Velden. Carinthia is a perfect little part of the world. I’m really going to enjoy coming back after all these years, but I can guarantee I won’t be swimming in the Worthersee this time…Not just 2 days before November!

The Reigen has become our home in Vienna, which has become one of my favorite cities in all of Europe. We always tear it up in this cool venue!

The Blue Note here is a very upscale club with not-a-bad-seat in the house.  We enjoy seeing this very different and unique city in Slovakia.