We’re starting the year off right with a couple of hometown shows at our favorite venues. First on the list will be the Baked Potato, where the last 2 shows we played in 2021 were sold out. ¬†Remember the new start times there are 8:00 and 10:00 so the second show is no longer past your bedtime!

Sunday nights at Bogies are the “serious music” nights, so I’m proud to continue the tradition into the new year. Come and see the classic CVB lineup of Dave Marotta on bass, John Mader on drums and the new addition: Troy Dexter on keys and guitars. Lots of new music to play as we continue to present songs from “Sundial” and try out some new, soon to be recorded material.

We’ll be playing mostly acoustic music at the world famous Soho in Santa Barbara. I look forward to showing the “acoustic side” of the CVB with Dave Marotta on bass and John Mader on percussion. It’s a set list we pull out in smaller venues and I enjoy “practicing up” so I can pull it off!