This band has only played a few casinos in our long and storied history, but each time has been FUN! The audience is always in a great frame of mind, like they’re on vacation!

Our fans from Belgium, The Netherlands and even France all come together when we play here. We are all so grateful the tragic floods of a few years back didn’t destroy this long standing music venue! Please come and support their commitment to real music!

I’ve only ever played in Luxembourg with Supertramp, and just before the show a man walked into my dressing room and introduced himself as THE DUKE of Luxembourg! I wonder if he’ll come back and see me at the Rockhal?

This may be the smallest little venue we’ve ever played, but we keep coming back because it’s so much fun! The people truly appreciate good music and it rubs off on our performance!

Verona has become my favorite big city in all of Italy. I remember paying to take a tour of the ancient Roman Arena, only to play inside of it a few years later with Supertramp. It’s always a special place to return to!

This small venue will be a chance to see the band up close. Sometimes in a smaller venue we shake things up and play material that we don’t always do in our “show.” This could be one of those nights!

This will be a new venue in a new city for us! A chance to meet new people and play our music for the first time ever in this part of Italy. Always a pleasure!

I played here a few years ago with Chad Wackerman and Alphonso Johnson on the Sundial Tour. We sold out this beautiful theater and we’ll definitely Italy do it again on this, the Riverboat Sky Tour. The people here were absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to return with the CVB!

Possibly the West Coast’s most passionate music town, Bakersfield is home to the Guitar Masters Series of which I’ve had the honor to play many times.  I’ve been known to drive up to see some of these inspiring concerts, and even sit in with awesome players like Tommy Emmanuel and Richard Smith. On this occasion we’ll be sharing the bill with acoustic finger style master Richard Smith himself, and planning a little encore jam with him to round out the […]

Our amazing drummer John Mader hails from the East Bay, born and raised in Oakland. So it’s always a joy for us to play Yoshi’s and a nice homecoming for John. The band will be fresh off a 5 week tour in Europe so…very tight!

It’s been a long time since we’ve played Portland, Oregon and I’m happy to be sharing the bill with our good friends Freebo and Alice Howe. You all know Freebo from his many years with Bonnie Raitt, but recently I had the pleasure of hearing Alice, too.  Freebo’s fretless bass and Alice’s sweet acoustic finger style guitar make this the perfect act to pair with the CVB. And the Alberta Rose is a beautiful venue for a night of real […]

The shows we play in Seattle are some of our most rewarding because the audience is so appreciative. And the Triple Door is one of the best sounding venues on the entire west coast. See you there!

Friends and fans in the Pacific Northwest have been telling me about this beautiful venue for years, describing its amazing acoustics and old world charm. It was originally constructed in 1926 as a vaudeville and silent movie house! We are truly excited to finally play here and hope to draw fans from Canada and the San Juan Islands!

The little Treehouse Cafe in Lynnwood is a special spot for us for many reasons. First, it’s an intimate venue and small stage making it impossible to do our “show.” For this reason we’ll play an alternate, semi-acoustic performance where anything goes. Jazz, Blues, Country, Reggae, Fusion and even Bluegrass make the cut. I try to keep my amazing band of virtuoso musicians on their toes by calling all sorts of songs we don’t normally play. But somehow…they don’t squirm […]

The Lord of the Strings Concert Series in Orange County is one of the most prestigious guitar events in the USA. I’ve been honored to perform solo and with an acoustic trio version of the CVB. This time we’ll be bringing the whole band for an electric/ acoustic show that promises to sell out the Civic Center. But they’ll need a bigger stage!